Cynosure Citizenship Act

Nov 23, 2015 | Archive


1. This Act shall be cited as the Cynosure Citizenship Act.


2. This act shall fulfil the citizenship process of the region as defined in the Constitution.


3. In this act, the Citizenship Granter is defined as the Councillor, or anyone allowed by the Councillor to accept citizenship requests under a Directive of Citizenship.

4. In this act, the Citizenship Remover is defined as the Councillor or Grand Master.


5. Any person who:
(a) Has a nation in Cynosure;
(b) Does not already hold citizenship in Cynosure; and
(c) Is not lawfully banned from the forum, nor designated Persona non Grata by The Councillor or the Senate;

Is eligible to apply for citizenship.

6. The Councillor may prescribe the manner in which a person can apply for citizenship, provided that it is accessible to all eligible persons.

7. A Citizenship Granter shall determine whether citizenship shall be conferred upon an applicant on submission of an application.


8. A Citizenship Remover shall check the status of each citizen’s nation on at least one occasion per month, and publicly post a list of citizens whose nations no longer reside in Cynosure.
(a) These nations will be taken from the Nation field of all registered citizens on the forum.
(b) One week after the post, any citizen whose nation is not located in Cynosure, or who had not moved another nation into Cynosure and informed the Citizenship Remover who performed the check, shall be considered to have resigned their citizenship.

9. The Cynosure Court may remove a person’s citizenship as a criminal sanction.


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