Cynosure Holidays Act

Aug 24, 2016 | Archive

The Senate of Cynosure,

Recognizing the recent celebration of Cynosure’s 1st Year as a community,

Understanding the need for celebration and maintenance of Cynosure’s culture and history as it becomes more venerable,

Enthusiastic that Cynosure is now as a region approaching 3 years of age,

Hereby establishes the following holidays, as defined in non-RP timescale, to be managed by the Council of Brilliance.

  • Cynosure Day–to be celebrated on October 31 as a celebration of the anniversary of the region’s founding by Grand Master Wuufu
  • Community Day–to be celebrated on June 15 as a celebration both of the anniversary of the community and of the thriving RP community and fraternity in Cynosure
  • Councillor Day–to be celebrated on July 17 in honor of the foundation of the role of Councillor
  • Pirate Day–to be celebrated up to 4 times a year at a date chosen by the current administration where treasure is hidden in random places and everyone is encouraged to put “y’arr” at the end of every sentence, and pirates are generally celebrated
  • Ribbon Day–to be celebrated on December 12. Decoration via ribbons is encouraged
  • Embassy Day–to be celebrated on January 5, in honor of the construction of our first embassy

RGP Date

April 20, 2323