NPC Regulation Act

Nov 16, 2016 | Archive


1. This act shall be known as the NPC Regulation Act.


2. The Senate amends the RGP Rules by adding a new section following the section RGP Rules:

NPC Nations

  • NPC Nations come in two varieties, PAN (Player Additional Nations) and NON (Neutrally Organised Nations).
  • PAN (Player Additional Nations) are secondary nations that can be created by roleplayers in addition to their primary nation by the posting of a second defined factbook under their forum username, with the prefix PAN. Each roleplayer may have only one additional PAN nation.
  • PAN nations are affected by all normal RGP rules and related regulations as primary nations, except that they must have a reduced size on the map as decided by the map management team. They should also be less powerful and influential than a roleplayers primary nation.
  • Roleplayers should think carefully about the extra energy needed in maintaining a PAN, and if they feel they lack this energy, should consider giving their own territory more independence, a state within their own nation instead.
  • NON (Neutrally Organised Nations) are regional nations that can be played by any roleplayer across the region. The region must create these either through the Senate or from the Councillor, or delegated Executive official, through the definition of a NON specific nation factbook with the prefix NON.
  • NON nation factbook’s can be updated at any time either through the Senate or from the Councillor, or delegated Executive official, providing it it publicly announced.
  • NON nations are affected by normal RGP rules but these can be overridden as decided upon by the region. The map management team has full discretion on adding these nations to the map, if relevant.
  • The Councillor, any delegated official with roleplay related duties, and the Grand Master, shall have the power to remove any NPC nation that fails to remain active and/or is contravening these RGP Rules.

RGP Date

October 04, 2323