RGP Rules Warfare Amendment Act

Jan 5, 2016 | Archive


1. This Act shall be titled the RGP Rules Warfare Amendment Act.


2. The Senate amends the RGP Rules by removing the following under the section RGP Rules:

Removed Text:
  • Warfare inside of Cynosure is strictly prohibited. Cynosure is most closely resemblent of the European Union in the real world, and you don’t expect nations in the EU to up and declare war on each other. You may diplomatically spit at each other though, and you may engage in warfare with nations outside of Cynosure with their NRP consent.

3. The Senate amends the RGP Rules by adding a new section following the section RGP Rules:

Proposed Text:

RGP Warfare Rules

  • Warfare between nations inside Cynosure shall be allowed providing these listed rules are followed, that there is consent to the warfare from all roleplayers involved, and that no godmodding occurs.
  • Before engaging in warfare, all roleplayers must decide upon and consent on the system that shall be used to roleplay battles, along with any specific numbers with regards to military units and national resources as required by the chosen system. Systems that can be used to roleplay battles include, but are not limited to:
    • Abstract warfare; that is roleplaying battles without specific numbers involved.
    • Numeric warfare; that is roleplaying battles with specific numbers given up front.
    • Use of Beyond Tabletop.
  • When engaging in warfare, all roleplayers must consent on every action that involves them in a specific way. Any failure to consent between two or more players shall be roleplayed as a stalemate between the military forces.
  • In order to end warfare, all roleplayers must either pull out of the warfare through surrender, a diplomatic peace treaty, victory, or abstinence from the roleplay. With regards to ending warfare through abstinence, this shall occur when the roleplayer fails to reply to a warfare post within a minimum of seven days after they are deemed required to post, and shall be roleplayed as a simple surrender.
  • Under no circumstances should there be any action within warfare that is not consented to by those directly involved in that action.

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