RP Limitation Act

Mar 10, 2016 | Archive


1. This act shall be called the RP Limitation Act.

RGP Rules

2. The Senate appends the following to the RGP Rules:

  • No nation, NPC or PC, may be permitted to have more than 4,500,000,000 people. In addition, a nation’s population may only be defined by the population of their largest puppet in Cynosure, or up to the population ceiling, in case their nation has more than 4,500,000,000 people.
  • No nation may have more than 5% of their population in active duty without economic repercussions, and no nation may have more than 10% of their population in active duty unless they are in a crisis that threatens their nation’s existence, and the war has come to their home territory.
  • The rate of a shield’s deflection shall be equal to the equation of y=1-(.99x), with x being the kilowatts being invested into it. No shield may be impenetrable by bullets and lasers. In addition to this, no material may be construed to produce an impenetrable shield.

Execution of the Act

3. The Councillor, RP Councillors and Grand Master shall have the authority to oversee the RGP Rules and to fix and/or punish nations in violation of those rules, after warning them of their violation and giving them 24 hours to fix it.


RGP Date

May 19, 2322