The Default World Assembly Councillor Act

Feb 9, 2016 | Archive

1. This Act shall be referred to as “The Default World Assembly Councillor Act”.

2. The Government of Cynosure, in accordance with the right of the Councillor to appoint whomever they should wish as the World Assembly Councillor of Cynosure, but furthermore recognizing the importance of the post to Cynosure’s image on NationStates, hereby mandates that in the case that no World Assembly Councillor is in office because of resignation, a vote of no-confidence, or the previous WA Councillor’s termination as WA Councillor, that the Councillor of Cynosure be made the WA Councillor by default.

3.If the Councillor cannot act as WA Councillor, the position shall be delegated to the Grand Master, and if he cannot act as WA Councillor, the position shall be able to be filled by any citizen until a WA Councillor is appointed.

4.This Bill shall not limit the Councillor’s right to appoint a WA Councillor.


RGP Date

MarĀ 20, 2322