The Regulation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act

Jul 22, 2016 | Archive


1. The Regulation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act


2. The Senate amends the RGP Rules Warfare by adding a new section following the sections RGP Rules Warfare:

Proposed Text:

1.The following forms of weapons are banned from being used in foreign soil without permission from target nation(s) beforehand
—-Nuclear Strikes, including any other large scale city busters, which includes but is not limited to anti-matter weapons, large stores of conventional explosives, and orbital mass driver strikes.
—-Chemical or Biological weapons of any form
—-Digital weapons of mass destruction

2.The any weapon or attack that has repercussions for multiple nations, or Cynosure as a whole, such as
—-Nuclear Fallout/Radiation Poisoning
—-Regional Climate Shifts
—-Regional Geological destabilization
—-Regional digital damage
Or any other method of hurting the region of Cynosure, are banned unless given express permission from Wuufu.

3.Actively testing WMDs is prohibited outside of a nation’s lands. This includes any water that falls under their control. No WMD testing may be conducted within 100 miles of another nation, and all nations will be required to follow this act.


RGP Date

February 12, 2323